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Omnidirectional dazzling light beam stimulates fish’s curiosity!
Operates down to 3900ft / 1200m
Target fish: Tuna, swordfish, and other deep water, deep-sea fish

High-performance light equipped with a rotation mode in addition to a normal light / blink mode.

Lighting pattern can be selected according to fish activity level.
Simple and easy, uses only 1 AA battery.

  • LED motion light pattern (single color): Normal, blinking, rotating
  • Size: Φ1.1x 5.1in / Φ28 x 130mm
  • Weight: 2.2oz / 63g (incl. battery)
  • Weight in water: 0.5oz / 15g
  • Water pressure resistance: 3900ft / 1200m
  • Continuous run time: Normal mode 24 hours, Blinking mode 22 hours, Rotating mode 32 hours
  • Battery: AA x 1 (Not included)
  • Tension strength: 187.4lbf / 85kgf
    < Color Change Model >
  • High intensity green/blue/red LEDs are in one body
  • Continuous run time: Green 22 hours, Blue 24 hours, Red 18 hours, Slow rotation 36 hours, Fast rotation 30 hours

《Single color type》

Omni-directional glitter beam → Flashing fireflies to stimulate curiosity → Light show for fish! Revolving light that drives them wild

《Color change type》

Green beam → Blue beam → Red beam → Low-speed rotation color change → High-speed rotation color change

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