About Us

 Cast & Spear is a community for those who want to challenge themselves to catch and forage their own food.

We believe everyone should know the skills necessary to fend for themselves.

That's why we want to help 1,000,000+ people around the world learn how to catch their own dinner.

We constantly strive to only carry the products we like to use ourselves.


Who's Behind Cast & Spear


Hi! I’m Jon.

I have a deep love for fishing…but I’m no expert. I’m always striving to get better and I hope through this site I can share what I learn.

I can’t do this alone.

I’m always looking to meet cool people who also share a love for fishing so we can compare notes and hopefully meet up on an excursion to find the best fish around the world.

Whether you like spearfishing, deep-sea fishing, fly-fishing, surf fishing, or any other type, I’m down to go.

Reach out if you have any cool tips worth sharing. If you want we can even share it on the site for others to improve everyone in our community.


I’ll leave you with a few Q&A’s:


Q: What’s my favorite fish?

A: Rainbow Trout. This was the primo fish when I was a kid to catch in the backcountry. It was a nice change of pace from the common Brook or Brown.

Q: What’s my favorite fishing spot?

A: Baja for sure! Both coasts.

Q: What’s the most unique fish you’ve caught?

A: I’d have to say a Giant Mekong Catfish around 120 pounds in Bangkok, Thailand.