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Pocket Ikejime For Small Fish

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What Actually Makes Fish Taste Great?

Without question, ikejime produces the best-tasting fish with 4 simple steps.

  • A painless spiking of the fish’s brain
  • Cutting the gills to bleed the fish
  • Using a special wire to remove the fish’s nerves
  • Cooling the fish down using an ice slurry

Finally, YOU can do the same method used on the most expensive sushi-grade tunas on the fish you catch.


If you plan to eat it, ikejime will make it taste better.

Plump, Juicy Fact #1: It’s one thing to catch a fish

It’s another thing to prepare it so that it actually tastes good.

Because you’ve prepared your fish one way doesn’t mean it’s the right way.

But it’s not your fault!

Most of us haven’t heard of ikejime until it started becoming popular in the culinary circles. In fact, it’s still not talked about in fishing circles that often (although that’s changing).

Why do chefs demand fish that have been ikejimed?

Respected seafood chefs demand ikejime fish. Those burn holes in their wallet for a great seafood meal can taste the difference.

By using our ikejime kit, you will have the same quality and taste at home with your fish.

Plump, Juicy Fact #2: If you paid to catch fish, then you’re already invested in making it taste great.

Why spend money on food if you let it spoil?

  • Letting the fish suffocate pumps stress hormones through the meat — yuck.
  • Not bleeding immediately causes blood to saturate the meat. Thus harboring nasty bacteria — double yuck.
  • Not running a wire down the spine lets the dead fish fire its nerves, breaking down the tissue — triple yuck.
  • Failing to get the fish in an ice slurry means the fish is only good for cat food — meow.

We developed this Ikejime Kit in Japan — the heart of extreme fishing and eating. We made our spike with an ergonomic handle so it feels good after countless fish because we know you catch a lot. Plus, it's quicker and easier than clubbing the fish to death.

Our high-quality wire removes those pesky favor-sucking nerve cells. Please be delicate and don’t force the wire down the spine. Delicate flesh requires the delicate handling of the tool.

You’ve spent money catching fish, you might as well do it right when it comes to preserving your meat.


For Small Fish

The stainless steel wire can be compactly stored for easy transport.

Ideal for small saltwater and freshwater fish including mackerel, perch, crappie, bluegill, bass, and catfish.

Wire diameter 1.0mm
Wire length 220mm
Spike length 50mm


Does this Ikejime come with a protective sheath for the spike and a wire that goes into the fish?

Yes. This ikejime kit comes with a protective sheath to keep the ikejime spike protected and the user safe. The ikijime wire is also protected by the sheath while not in use. You can slip the iki jime wire through the spike to damage the nerves in the fish to improve the meat quality. Good luck fishing!

What is the largest size fish that this can handle?

The ikejime wire is 220mm or around 8.6 inches. It’s recommended for fish less than that length. It works well on smaller panfish. If you’re catching bigger fish, check out the long and extra strength ikejime models on Amazon. Tight lines!

What Is The Ike Jime Technique?

Ikejime is the process of humanely killing a fish in the quickest amount of time while preserving the highest quality of the meat.

1. This is done by using a spike to dispatch the fish with the least amount of pain.

2. The fish is bled by cutting the gills to remove any harsh metallic taste from the flesh.

3. A wire is then inserted to stop the firing of nerve impulses to prevent the meat from spoiling quickly.

4. The fish is thrown into an ice slurry to bring the temperature down of the meat.

What Is The Ike Jime Technique?

Ikejime Ikijime Kit from Japan

This Ikejime kit is like no other.

Our Ikejime is built for both professional and recreational fishermen. It has been tested in the harshest conditions by those who risk their lives to bring the freshest catches to the pickiest chefs all across the world.

Now, this level of professionalism can be achieved by every angler who wants to share the best-tasting fish with their friends and family.

Designed In Japan

Established in 1979 in Fukuoka Japan, Lumica Corp. has been developing cutting-edge fishing products that are extremely popular around the world. Now, the USA is starting to see what cutting-edge gear has been in use by top Japanese anglers for years.

We looked for years to find the best ikejime kit that's used by fishermen all over the world. We're proud to bring this kit to you to improve the quality of fish you bring home.


Although; this Ikejime Kit is professionally made, it has been designed for ease of use by anyone. With an ergonomic handle, anyone can precisely spike the fish without much force and glide the wire down the spinal column.

This allows the nerves to cease firing to keep the fish and umami flavor intact.

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Bridget Hilton
Ethical way to dispatch a fish

Just started using this while out fishing, I love it! Great product