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Ikejime Kit For All Fish Types

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Saltwater Fish

Shape memory stainless steel wire can be compactly stored. 

Ideal for yellowtail, halibut, small tuna, white seabass, flounder, rockfish, opaleye, and large freshwater fish. 

Wire diameter: 1.2mm
Wire length: 800mm
Spike length: 90mm


Will this work on snakehead due to their bony skull?

Yes, it should work fine. If you find that the skull is too dense, try the alternative method of using a knife to brain the fish, then cutting the tail to expose the spinal column. Run the ikejime wire from the back end towards the head for the same effect. Tight lines!

Will this work for trout 9-15 inches?

Yes, this ikejime kit will work for trout in that size range. There is also a Pocket Ikejime option sold on Amazon with a carabiner that works well for smaller fish.

What Is The Ike Jime Technique?

Ikejime is the process of humanely killing a fish in the quickest amount of time while preserving the highest quality of the meat.

1. This is done by using a spike to dispatch the fish with the least amount of pain.

2. The fish is bled by cutting the gills to remove any harsh metallic taste from the flesh.

3. A wire is then inserted to stop the firing of nerve impulses to prevent the meat from spoiling quickly.

4. The fish is thrown into an ice slurry to bring the temperature down of the meat.

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What Is The Ike Jime Technique?

Ikejime Kit: Easy-To-Use Spike and Wire

This Ikejime kit is like no other.

Our Ikejime is built for both professional and recreational fishermen. It has been tested in the harshest conditions by those who risk their lives to bring the freshest catches to the pickiest chefs all across the world.

Now, this level of professionalism can be achieved by every angler who wants to share the best-tasting fish with their friends and family.

Designed In Japan

Ikejime (Ikijime) Kit from Japan

Established in 1979 in Fukuoka Japan, Lumica Corp. has been developing cutting-edge fishing products that are extremely popular around the world. Now, the USA is starting to see what cutting-edge gear has been in use by top Japanese anglers for years.

We looked for years to find the best ikejime kit that's used by fishermen all over the world. We're proud to bring this kit to you to improve the quality of fish you bring home.


Although this Ikejime Kit is professionally made, it has been designed for ease of use by anyone. With an ergonomic handle, anyone can precisely spike the fish without much force and glide the wire down the spinal column.

This allows the nerves to cease firing to keep the fish and umami flavor intact.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wally from Florida
Great product and incredible customer service

This is a very well made product. I had to work with their customer service department on an availability issue and they went above and beyond to help resolve. Thank you!!

Stew Ping
Better tasting fish

Great way to handle your catch and improve taste. Only problem is they don't include English instructions, but, you can find them online.

Anthony E.
High quality, reasonably priced, easy to use

I ordered this kit in order to help with the quality of my catch when fishing. The kit has everything one needs to effectively perform the Ikejime process on a fish. Better yet, the kit is easy to store and use. Excellent value.

As expected

Received the product as advertised. No issues.

Darryl W.
Great Ikejime Kit!

This is a very well made kit and would highly recommend. The ergonomics of the handle allows for a solid grip positioning for a quick and easy dispatch of the fish. Instructions are clear and concise and it's compact enough to take out on blue water fishing trips or on shore dives to spearfish! Overall, a great product any anglers or spear fishermen/woman should have to preserve their catch to remain of the highest quality.