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Fire Fish Volt LED Lure

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Large amount of light with the fish light "VOLT"! 

Fish light VOLT is the fish light with a large amount of equipped LEDs, 24 lights total.
Despite high brightness of 150 lumens, it emits light for 11 hours continuously with three AA alkaline batteries!

There are four types of emitted colors:

  • Green: Looks like plankton, which feeds large fish.
  • White: Small fish can easily approach.
  • Blue: Highly transmission in water and delivers light farther.
  • Red: Provides shallow softer light which attracts low action targets.

The better you use the lights, the better the catch!

  • Contents: 1 VOLT, 32ft / 10m cord, rubber ring to fix the cord
  • Size: Φ1.6 x 8.5in / Φ40 x 215mm
  • Weight: 9.5oz / 270g (incl. battery)
  • Water pressure resistance: 32ft / 10m
  • LEDs: <Volt 1 color> 24 LEDs <Volt 2 color> 30 LEDs
  • Brightness: <Volt 1 color> Approximately 150 lumens, <Volt 2 color> Approximately 250 lumens (green) / Approximately 90 lumens (red)
  • Battery: AA x 3(not included)
  • Continuous run time: 11 hours <Volt 2 color> Green 6 hours, Red 8 hours
  • Weight in water: 0.005oz / 0.13g
  • Tension strength: 55lbf / 25kgf
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