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Breakaway Omega 10'6" Surf Fishing Rods

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It was a cold morning. The caffeine hadn't sunk in yet and as I took a big yawn, I closed my mouth and heaved my rod.

The bait and rig flew like a cannonball through the air. Splash, exactly where I wanted it. We were in business.

I walked back up the shore and put my rod in the holder. Now it was time to close my eyes, while I kept my ears peeled for the run.



Cliiiiiiiiiiick. We were on!

3-2-1. Reel. As the rod tip bent towards the sand, I knew I was hooked to a big one. Could it be a new PB? What are these headshakes? What is this MONSTER?!

We want you to feel this too. And with the Omega, you will.


Lures or Bait, It Just Works

The extra length will help you get your bait exactly where you need it to be to reach your fish.

The Omega is a 10' 6" fast action rod designed to be light and strong.

With the fast action tip and firmer butt, this rod excels at throwing long-range lures and spoons in the medium to heavy class.

"The omega is my choice for my 3oz plugs most days on the beach. It's a great jetty rod as well." - Chris Richter, Breakaway Tackle


Technical Specs

  • Graphite blank
  • 10' 6" length
  • Fast action
  • Recommended Spinning Reel: Daiwa BG 4000-5000
  • Recommended Conventional Reel: Akios 555
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