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Breakaway LDX Surf Fishing Rod

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Why You'll Love This Rod

  1. It's made from higher modulus graphite, which makes it very light in weight, and less weight can be thrown. It also has a lighter tip.
  2. You can take the butt cap off to further reduce weight. It won’t affect the performance of the rod
  3. It'll excel throwing anything 4oz and bait and less.

The LDX is the little brother of the popular HDX model.

"I use the LDX for throwing lighter weights. It's great for people who really know how to cast or people of smaller stature who can’t load the HDX." -Chris Richter

Technical Specifications

  • 13 foot
  • 2 piece
  • Casting or Spinning
  • 3 to 5 oz
  • 15 - 25 pound line
  • Lightweight Graphite

This rod is great if you're getting started in long casting. It's highly capable and you'll learn a lot. Then when you're ready to get even more distance, you can upgrade to the HDX.

Recommended Reels

The size we have on the HDX and LDX and GDX are either 4500-5000.

If we are going for huge sharks with the HDX we'll throw a 10000 spinning reel which really is for large game. That’s when we have nothing but the need to land fish that are over 8ft long and over 120lbs.

Really I believe you can catch everything you're looking for with the 4500-5000 size in the Daiwa BG line you could ever want. It balances the rods well with those sizes and it’s just all out slick and ready to land everything under the sun.

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