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Abellan Albacore 130

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Introducing the Albacore 130, the most powerful gun in the Denton series.

With a massive 8.5x1700mm shaft weighing 750 grams and an average speed of 27.5m/s in a 5m (15ft) range, this speargun is built for the biggest and baddest fish in the ocean. Whether you're targeting reef dwellers like cubera and tropical grouper or pelagic species like Bluefin tuna, wahoo, and dogtooth tuna -- the Albacore 130 is the perfect choice for landing colossal fish.

The Albacore 130 sets the tone regarding this series's signature features. We've modified the wooden barrel's shape to increase the back mass, improving hydrodynamics for lateral movements and recoil absorption.

This new mass distribution allows for better maneuverability and shot stability, bringing the center of mass closer to the handle and reducing primary and secondary recoil to almost 0.

The balance between power, the speargun's mass, and the shaft's mass mean a higher shaft speed with a softer recoil, making it incredibly easy to handle. The stability of the speargun during shooting and the proper design of the shaft gives a flat shoot up to 6 meters of range, allowing for precise shots in vital areas to ensure recovery and avoid belly shots that can result in a lost fish.

The shape of the wood, which follows the bands' inclination, allows for better maneuverability and eliminates the vibration of the bands during fast lateral movements of the speargun, which can alert prey. Upgrade your fishing game with the Albacore 130, the ultimate speargun. Order yours today!

Technical data

Total length: 1570mm

Bandstretch: 1430mm

Width: 75mm

Muzzle width: 50mm

Weight with shaft and reel: 4050gr

Thickness:  Variable from 50 to 35mm in muzzle

Track diameter: 9mm

Bands: 3 x Cressi Brown Pure od 14mm ID 1mm, 370% stretch, 74-76-78cm CUT

Shaft: Hunt 8.5 x1600 17-4ph steel, 4 sharkfins, threaded tip 5/16 -24, and slip tip hunt Dyneema hp included.

Wood: Laminated Mahogany Sipo

Handle: Rigid polyurethane, detachable, ergonomic right and lefty options

Buoyancy: adjustable with two compartments on the muzzle and handle

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