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Puni-Ika X-Wing Squishy Squid Soft Bait

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Each pack contains 3 squids!

Puni-Ika X-WING Squishy Squid
Engineered to Fool the Most Cunning Fish

The Puni-Ika X-wing is manufactured with a hollow body. This enables you to add many different kinds of liquids, baits, Rigs, and Starlites to the Lure, creating the ultimate attraction. Adding a Starlite to this lure not only attracts the attention of it also helps the angler follow it through the darkness during cast and reel.

6 grams, 90mm, 3 Squids per pack (0.2oz, 3.5in)


Recommended Starlite
3.0 x 23mm size SL-5


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