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Breakaway HDX 13' Longcasting Surf Rods

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Why You Should Use The HDX

  1. You can bomb your bait out for a country mile. Big baits small baits. It’s a champ for long casting.
  2. It is a tank but DO NOT mistake that for less sensitivity when fighting small fish you can feel it. All the way up to the largest fish you can dream up off of the shore.
  3. It takes more to get the rod into a loaded point. Some people without strength have a hard time getting it fully loaded during the cast.

Casting a Mile

We call it the HDX. Some might look at it and think, what's so special about another graphite surf rod? (Admittedly, I thought so at first.) But then I took it for a spin...

Walking barefoot towards the beach, the smell of the ocean stirred up memories.

Memories of a simpler time. Where time didn't matter and the people around us made us happy.

Back in the day, I wouldn't dream about casting a 13-foot rod. It's was just too much power.

But as I've gotten older, I've realized why that power is important. Out far, beyond the breakers, the real challenge lies.

Don't get me wrong, it's fun to catch fish on a light line near the shore. But, I've already got rods for that. What about when I'm looking for a real challenge. A test of skill and strength. For that, I need a battle-tested surf rod.

The HDX is that rod. It'll be that rod for you as well.


How Sensitive Is The Rod?

With the HDX I can feel and see if anything from a 6inch fish bites.

When reeling in a nice shark or nice red I know exactly what the fish is doing.

All the rods when fighting fish of any size, I know what the fish is doing if it’s turned or when it takes off.

Also to show someone how much they will feel I tell them to hold the rod-like they are fighting the fish. I then put the tip of the rod on my vocal cords and explain. “ do you feel every vibration.” 

Don't Take My Word For It

"Deon Hunter from South Africa and a hell of a shark fisherman and friend who I learned a lot from only uses the HDX here are some of his catches. All on HDX.

I would be able to take the HDX anywhere in the world and catch anything the ocean has to offer small or huge.

That hammerhead in the picture is 13 foot 9 inches he used the HDX with a two-speed 50wide reel. 150-pound braid." - Chris Richter

Technical Specs

  • 13' long
  • 2-piece
  • 4oz to 8oz on 30lb line
  • Braid compatible
  • Spinning and casting options

There are guys actively practicing to break the longcasting record with this rod.

If you're going for big game and don't want to paddle out your bait, the HDX will deliver the distance and accuracy you need.

Recommended Reels

The size we have on the HDX and LDX and GDX are either 4500-5000.

If we are going for huge sharks with the HDX we'll throw a 10000 spinning reel which really is for large game. That’s when we have nothing but the need to land fish that are over 8ft long and over 120lbs.

Really I believe you can catch everything you're looking for with the 4500-5000 size in the Daiwa BG line you could ever want. It balances the rods well with those sizes and it’s just all out slick and ready to land everything under the sun.

We'll see you in the surf!

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