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Breakaway Cannon - Long Casting Device

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Why You Need a Cannon

The cannon is a non-negotiable item for true surf fishing rods. 

It'll save your finger and will seriously give you 1/3 more distance.

You won't lose line when casting on a striking drag. It way outperforms wearing a glove all day or wrapping your fingers when dealing with braid.

We use the cannon on anything 8ft and up if using a spinning reel. It'll also save your rod guides because it’s my hook keeper for all my surf rods.

For surf fishing, we almost only fish with spinning reels on all of our surf setups. It’s way more fun with cannons and we don’t have malfunction like a regular bait caster or open-faced reel.

Conventional reels work, but ever since we found the cannon we now get the benefits of further casting coupled with a retrieval for a spinning reel that is second to none--the BEST!


See It In Action

More Details

This casting aid is for use with spinning reels. It's the quickest way for you to improve your accuracy and distance.

The Breakaway Cannon completely eliminates damage to the index finger during the cast.

Simply tape or zip-tie the Breakaway Cannon to the butt of the surf rod in a comfortable position above or below the spool rim and allow space for the bale arm to rotate.

**Watch out for knock-offs. We carry only authentic Breakaway Cannons directly from their shop.

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